PO Box 23580
Lexington, KY 40523
(859) 264-8867
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Office Staff


General Presbyter

         Rev. Dr. Richard T. Smith  rtsmith@transypby.org
  • Visioning and planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Offer congregational support, care and development to the presbytery
  • Nurture church professionals
  • Oversight for administration and staff
  • Communicate joys and concerns
  • Communicate the mission of the church at all levels
  • Encourage communication within the Presbytery
  • Participate in other governing bodies of the Church

Business Manager/Bookkeeper

     Robyn Justus:  rjustus@transypby.org
  • General Business and Office Management
  • Bookkeeping and financial reporting
  • Assistance to General Presbyter
  • Financial/business/COM assistance to General Presbyter

Administrative Assistant

pic of Sharel
        Sharel Templeton:  stempleton@transypby.org
  • Assistance to Stated Clerk
  • Web & Enews Production
  • Support for CPM, Christian Formation, & Mission Ministry

Interim Stated Clerk


              Rev. Jerry L. Utt, II - statedclerk@transypby.org
  • Ecclesiastical functions for the Presbytery
  • Minutes of Presbytery and Council meetings
  • Maintain Rolls and records of Presbytery
  • Parliamentarian

        Nik Fegenbush
  • Receive and disburse all Presbytery funds
  • Sign checks for all payments and review attached documentation
  • Monitor the keeping of an accurate record of all receipts, expenditures, checking and investment accounts and financial instruments of the presbytery
  • Monitor income and expenditures as they relate
    to the budget in conjunction with the Administration and Finance Committee
  • Present periodic financial reports at Presbytery
    meetings and monthly financial reports
  • Enter into relationships with financial institutions on behalf of the Presbytery


     Excutive Director

Richard "Rick" Frederick

Executive Director: Rick Frederick

Email: info@burnamwood.net

Camp Phone: 606-723-2572 or 1-866-723-2572 

Camp Cell: 859-494-9113 (Best number to call)
Website: www.burnamwood.net

Assist Presbytery and camp committee with development of camp

  • Maintain administrative and financial affairs of
    the camp
  • Maintain camp office
  • Oversee camp programs and staff