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Commissions and Ministries
The Administrative Commission shall be composed of six members. Its duties shall include serving as the Trustees of the Presbytery and having responsibility for Accounting, Budgeting, & Staff Services. The Treasurer of the Presbytery shall serve as an advisory member with voice and without voice.
In accordance with G-3.0307, the Presbytery designates a Commission on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) that shall be composed of twelve members.The Commission shall fulfill the functions related to the process of preparation of ordination as Teaching Elder as set forth in G-2.06 and shall provide for the training and nurture of Ruling Elders who apply to become Commissioned Lay Pastors (CLPs).
The CLP program is now under the supervision of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry. You will find the forms necessary for this program here.
The Commission on Ministry (COM) is charged with nurturing relationships and facilitating ministries of all Teaching Elders and others providing pastoral leadership and the congregations of the Presbytery. The COM shall be composed of 24 members,divided into three Regional Commissions. The COM Chair shall appoint the three Regional Commission Chairs. Together, these Chairs shall appoint the members of the Regional Commissions from those individuals elected by presbytery to serve on COM.
The CC shall monitor the work of each Commission and Ministry in relationship to the Presbytery's Mission Statement. The CC shall review the work of the Commission on representation to ensure fair and effective representation within the structure of the Presbytery.
The COR shall be composed of six members who shall be nominated by the Coordinating Commission & elected by the Presbytery.It is tasked to an intentional purpose: to ensure the church's commitment to inclusiveness and the principles of unity and diversity (per G-3.0103).