Presbyterians Organized in Nurture & Teaching
Curriculum and Study Resources for Children, Youth, and Adults

Curriculum and Study Resources for Children, Youth, and Adults


The Congregational Ministries Publishing agency of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) produces excellent resources for use by our churches for a variety of offerings – Sunday School classes for all ages, weekday studies, after school programs, confirmation, and youth gatherings. There are options for multi-age children’s classes and some resources may be used for intergenerational events and for special occasions such as retreats and workshops.


In order to help congregations become familiar with these resources, a program was established to help get the word out.




(Presbyterians Organized in Nurture & Teaching)


Each presbytery is invited to have up to two POINT representatives to be available to churches to share information on resources to help our congregations grow in knowledge of scripture and faith.


The POINT representative for our presbytery – Presbytery of Transylvania – is Ginny Harville Baker. Ginny holds a Masters in Christian Education and has served two other presbyteries as a POINT rep. She lives in Lexington and is anxious to meet with folks from churches in our presbytery to hear about what they are doing, would like to do, and to share what is new for God’s children of all ages!


You may contact Ginny at:

219-363-9185 or

Last Published: May 9, 2017 5:32 PM