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What is Per Capita and Unified Giving?
Presbytery of Transylvania Per Capita and Unified Giving.

Presbytery of Transylvania Per Capita &  

Unified Mission Giving Information

God calls Transylvania Presbytery to support and encourage the mission of God in the particular context of the congregations and communities in which we have been called to serve as the body of Christ. Recognizing that we are a body of diverse members connected by our common bond in Jesus Christ, we strive to work together to...

WITNESS to the love of the triune God  

by what we say and do;

NURTURE all who are called to follow Christ, and

SERVE all people impartially, recognizing that all we have and all we are belongs to God.


The Presbytery budget is supported by two main sources of income:

-       Per-Capita Assessments

-       Unified Mission Giving


Together, Per Capita and Unified Mission Giving make up 72% of the Presbytery's total operating revenue each year. Additional income comes through:

     GA Mission Partnership Funds

     Interest on Investments

     Dividends from 412 Rose Street Investment

     Designated Giving

     Designated Investments


What is Per Capita?

Per capita is an opportunity for all communicant members of the Presbyterian Church through the governing bodies to participate:                 





The payment of the per capita apportionment can be seen as a sign of healthy relationships within the church, giving tangible witness to the unity and wholeness promised to us in Jesus Christ.   


Who Pays Per Capita?

Congregations pay an annual amount of money per church member - per capita apportionment - to their respective presbyteries.

Why does the per capita rate differ among presbyteries?

      Each presbytery begins with the General Assembly per capita rate and adds the amount needed to support its specific mission and administrative functions.



Presbytery $23.19 (remains the same as 2013)

Synod $3.62 (same as 2013)

GA $7.02 (increase .22)

Total $33.83


The assessment is based upon the membership of each church, determined from the statistical report submitted by the church in the previous year. For example, the 2014 per capita is based on the membership reported on the 2012 Annual Statistical Reports. Our Presbytery contributes the appropriate amount to the national church and the synod, regardless of the existence of or timing of payments from member churches. The per capita assessment is not used to fund mission programs on the national, synod or presbytery level. It exists solely to assist in the payment of the basic necessities of our institutional existence.


      The concept underlying the per capita assessment is that every Presbyterian should fairly participate at the same level to allay these very fundamental and unavoidable expenses.

What do your Per Capita Dollars Buy?

Within the Presbytery, Per Capita dollars pay for the cost of:

     Presbytery operations

     Administrative personnel

     Presbytery meetings

     Permanent and special committees of the Presbytery

     The Office of the Stated Clerk

     The General Council


     On the Synod and General Assembly Level, Per Capita dollars pay for the same kinds of office and administrative expenses, plus:

     The Church Leadership Connection, which assists local Pulpit Nominating Committees in the matching of pastors and churches.

What About Unified Mission Giving?

What is Unified Mission Giving?


What do these dollars buy?

Our Unified Mission Dollars Support

-       missionary salaries and benefits

-       gifts or grants to ecumenical agencies

-       overseas partners [churches, hospitals, schools]

-       dollars to provide for resources and services to congregations and mission governing bodies.


With So Much Local Need, Why Should We Send Money Out of the Neighborhood?


In Matthew 25 Jesus talks about "the least of these who are member of my family" and how our loving care of them is our care of Christ Himself. In The Great Commission we are sent to make disciples "of all nations." Our mission is both local and universal.

So what happens to the unified mission giving sent to the Presbytery?

  • 74% is kept in the Presbytery
  • 20.6% is sent to GA
  • 5.4% is sent to the Synod

These percentages are set by action of Presbytery each year at the December presbytery meeting.

     The unified mission contributions from our congregations fund the following programs in the presbytery:

  • The Mission Committee and its Programs
  • Church Development and Transformational Grants for Congregations
  • Mission Interpretation Programs
  • Leadership Development through various retreats and conferences    
  • Congregational Support (Mission Studies, Strategic Planning, Spiritual Formation                       
  • The Portion of Staff Costs Related to Mission Projects      
  • Shared Educational Resources          
  • Burnamwood Camp & Conference Center
  • Youth Triennium and Scholarships
  • Kentucky Council of Churches                                                                     
  • Kentucky Campus Ministry Board               
  • Presbyterian Women             

Beyond the Budget

Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly also act as the organizational structure to channel other mission dollars. Individual Presbyterians and Congregations are anxious to respond to needs around the world through responsible helping agencies. When there is an earthquake in Haiti or Chile; a famine in the Sudan; a flood in Pakistan or Pikeville or a tornado in West Liberty - we want to help our sisters and brothers. But where can we send our donations with the CONFIDENCE that the ones we want to help will be the beneficiaries of our support?


The Presbyterian Church - through our Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly structure has a long and proud history of world-wide missional witness. There is a very low administrative cost, and an established world-wide network of mission partners that enable quick and effective response in emergencies, and continued care over years of rebuilding communities. The same confidence and professionalism is provided as Transylvania Presbytery handles designated gifts within our region. Gifts from the congregations to various Presbyterian causes are received by the presbytery and passed on monthly to the designated cause such as Bellewood, Buckhorn, Burnamwood, Pikeville College, Living Waters for the World, etc.  


Burnamwood is a cause near to the heart of many in Transylvania.  

Unified Mission Giving Provides One-Quarter of Burnamwood's Annual Budget:

Unified Mission Giving (from the Presbytery's operating budget) 25%

Camper Fees                     30%

Camp Rentals                   13%


Everything we do together is made possible because of the gifts from congregations.  We thank you for your generosity and commitment to our shared Presbyterian ministry.  Our dollars were given to us by God.


Your dollars are at work in Transylvania Presbytery in helping each congregation to be the best Presbyterian Church it can be by calling people to faith and service in the name of Jesus Christ.

This can be used in your church newsletters.



Last Published: February 1, 2014 10:33 PM